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Grocery Program and Ads


I first started to use the AFT Utah grocery program when I had six children at home. My grocery budget was running about $700 per month since I had four teenagers. I started to shop only the specials with no coupons. By buying only items on sale and stocking up for the next month to six weeks I was able to cut my grocery bill in half.

This program is a real bargain. It is included with AFT membership. If you were to pay for the service the cost is about $30 per month. Using this one benefit alone could save most members far more than the entire cost of AFT membership for the year and it is simple to use.

Here is one example: My husband and two of my daughters love Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. I found a sale at Smith's on Honey Bunches of Oats for $1.00 per box. I purchased 12 boxes - enough to last 4 months. Normally Honey Bunches of Oats sell for about $2.50 per box. I saved $15.00 over the retail price - that's more than a 50% savings. Now imagine doing that with almost every grocery item you purchase. You'd almost never have to buy anything at the retail price.


Shawna Baird

AFT Higher Ed Representative

office: (801) 562-1739

cell: (801) 694-1042